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Security Note:
To submit or to view previously submitted data via this site, you will be asked to identify yourself using your UTORid. (If you have forgotten your UTORid or your password, please go to the Help Desk, First Floor, Robarts Library, or call (416) 978-HELP, or email Once you have identified yourself, the session will remain active until YOU end it. If a session is left running, the next person who uses this computer could read or change YOUR record. When you are finished completely exit your Web browser.


Please read the program enrolment instructions on the web, available  here.
To view program types and contact information, refer to the Program Listing.

Type 1/2 Programs

If you are enrolling in a Type 1 or requesting a Type 2 program, you do not need to use this page. Use ACORN to enroll in Type 1 programs or request Type 2 programs.

Type 3 Programs: July 3rd - August 27th, 2017

For Type 3 programs you must first apply for permission to enrol using this page. Your application will be reviewed by the program sponsor. Beginning September 16th, log on to the SWS and select Programs from the main menu. A list of your programs will appear; check if you have been given permission to enrol. Refer to the  Program Enrolment Instructions for complete details.

  • Application
    To apply for a type 3 program proceed to click on the "Type 3 Programs pick-list" then select the program from the list.
  • Confirmation
    You can list the Programs to which you have applied. Students who supply e-mail addresses will be sent an acknowledgement.
    Type 3 programs request will not appear on ACORN until early September.
  • Changes
    If you wish to change information on an application after you have submitted it, you must fill out a new application and enter ALL your Program choices. Only the latest application will be considered.
 Type 3
  • Apply: July 3rd - August 27th, 2017   
    NOTE: not all Type 3 programs have a formal 2nd enrolment period.
    Programs marked with an asterisk ("*") have only one enrolment request period.
    Check sponsor for details regarding enrolment during 2nd round starting July 3rd.
  • Display your applications
Application Listing
  • Deadline to enrol on ACORN September 20th, 2017 (2nd enrolment period)

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